Saturday, December 25, 2010

Personalized IKEA Kura Bed

As usual, I waited till the last minute (2 weeks before Christmas) to look a bed for my 4 year old daughter. Of course I didn't want just any bed. I wanted a loft bed, one that would allow her to climb up top to sleep and also have space underneath to play. You can't find many loft beds in the local furniture stores so I spent countless nights online trying to find the perfect bed without breaking the bank. My friend Amy's daughter had a Kura bed so I went to IKEA to check it out. The bed was exactly what i was looking for except it was blue and i wanted it for my daughter. So I pitched the idea to my husband telling him i wanted a pink bed and this is what he came up with. We're both pretty creative people. I gave him the idea and he ran with it. It took him a day to paint all the pieces, a day to attach the letters and designs and a day to put it together. We presented it to her o Christmas Eve and needless to say, she LOVES her bed. She says the top is her castle and the bottom is her house. Let me know what you think.

This is what the bed looked like before we touched it.

The price tag? $500 but you won't find this at your favorite retail store
$200 - bed
$100 - IKEA mattress
$100 - loft bed curtain on the bottom
$50 - letters and collage
$30 - Paint - 3 colors (pink, purple and fuchsia)
$20 - Canopy- $20

Bed after it has been painted

Alyssa and Aiden underneath the bed


Side panel

Loft underneath with curtain

Alyssa playing tag in her "house" underneath the bed

Personalized clock by - I found this quote years ago and decided I was going to use it in my chid's room

Chandelier bought on Ebay

Sunday, December 5, 2010