Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday's Best

Here is Alyssa and Aiden after church

Washington DC Auto Show

Gieco Geeko

 Captain Planet - Everyone's favorite environmental superhero

Every year we attend the car show at the DC convention center. Only this year I get to pick out my new car. My current car is a 14 year old, green, 2 door - Pontiac Grand Prix. I love my car but I've out grown it with two kids. I'm constantly taking the kids in and out of the car and I need a 4 door vehicle. I've been debating over whether to get a 5 or 8 seater SUV and I think bigger is better for me. We're always on the go and the kids will probably want to bring their friends along so a bigger truck would be the best choice. Besides I'm always shopping and I need a big car to carry all of my stuff! LOL

This year Uncle Anthony and Aunt Renee came with us wince they now reside in Maryland. With 2 kids this year, we didn't get to take as many pictures of the cars as we usually do. Alyssa was really into this event and I had to keep my eye on her while Aiden was with rest of the crew. Alyssa took part in racing toy cars and she got to meet some special characters. We had a good time and didn't leave until 9pm. We all wanted to eat some seafood at Philips on the water but by the time we got there they were closing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Every night my daughter has the same routine: take off clothes, take a bath, brush teeth, read story and say prayers. Well I found these handy cards that you placed on a wall called Good Night Chore Cards from There is a chore on the front and when you turn them over the child will see the word Done with a star. How cool! Each night she rushes to the wall to turn over a card after she has done each chore. It’s like a game for her and she knows what she has to do before she goes to bed. The set comes with 6 pre-printed cards and one blank for you to add your own chore. I chose Say your Prayers and then I found a clip art  online of a little girl praying that I used to attach to the front of the card. They also make Good morning chore cards too. Love it!! Now why couldn’t I think of product like this? Its simple inventions like this that make people be rich.