Saturday, January 22, 2011


Every night my daughter has the same routine: take off clothes, take a bath, brush teeth, read story and say prayers. Well I found these handy cards that you placed on a wall called Good Night Chore Cards from There is a chore on the front and when you turn them over the child will see the word Done with a star. How cool! Each night she rushes to the wall to turn over a card after she has done each chore. It’s like a game for her and she knows what she has to do before she goes to bed. The set comes with 6 pre-printed cards and one blank for you to add your own chore. I chose Say your Prayers and then I found a clip art  online of a little girl praying that I used to attach to the front of the card. They also make Good morning chore cards too. Love it!! Now why couldn’t I think of product like this? Its simple inventions like this that make people be rich. 

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